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ALL 2005-2007 GT 650-S-R AND GV650 MODELS


This notice is being posted in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffice and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

KRM America has found that a defect relating to motor vehicle safety exists in all 2005-2007 50 state GV650 and GT650 including R and S models.

All affected models could have fuel tank venting issues leading to either fuel leaks or fuel starvation.


A fuel leak combined with a source of ignition could cause a fire.

Fuel starvation could cause loss of engine power resulting in an accident.

An indication of the venting problem is the sound of high pressure releasing when the fuel cap is opened.

KRM America recommends that you not operate your vehicle until it is checked and or repaired by an authorized dealer.

This service will be provided free of charge.

Upon receiving this letter schedule an appointment with your closest Hyosung dealer to have your motorcycle inspected and or repaired.

The repair should take less than 30 minutes to complete.

For a complete listing of Hyosung dealers, visit here or call 770-447-5571

Federal regulations require any lesser receiving this recall notice must forward a copy of this notice to the lessee with in 10 days